sam linda

Our Chapter was started in the early spring of 1995. Sam and his wife Linda had joined VVA in February of 1993. They had to attend meetings at Chapter 227 in Vienna Virginia, as it was the closest Chapter to their home in Culpeper. This proved to be very difficult for them, not only because of the distance, but also because of Sam’s work schedule. Sam decided that it would be nice if there was a Chapter in Culpeper, but didn’t know how to organize one. He went to his old friend Lou James who had just finished his term as Chapter 227's President. Lou said he’d be glad to help Sam get a Chapter started.

Lou gave him all the information needed to start a new Chapter, and said the rest was up to Sam and his members. It didn’t take him long to find his first member, Mr. Bootie Smith. Bootie turned out to be a Godsend for Sam and Linda. Together Sam, Linda, and Bootie did the work needed to get the new Chapter started. Flyers were made up alerting the Vietnam Veterans in the area that a new Chapter was being formed. The first meeting for our Chapter was held in June of 1995 in Warrenton Virginia. Lou James was there, along with various members of the national office to help introduce the organization to the people who attended. Most of those who attended that first meeting were impressed enough to join our forming Chapter.

After that first meeting, membership drives were held at various locations in the Culpeper area. Slowly the work paid off, because on November 15th, 1995 we received our Charter. Since then our membership has slowly grown. But, even with that growth we have never abandoned our determination to make our Chapter like a family. From the start our Chapter has done many things for the Vietnam Vets and their families in our area. It has also been able to help our communities with many needed projects. You can learn more about that in the section "What we do" on the menu to the left. We’re not the oldest Chapter in our state, or the largest, but we’re proud of our history none the less, and what we’ve accomplished since its beginning.