Well, like any other veteran's organization we take care of the Vietnam Veterans and their families in our area first. Our Chapter was responsible for getting a local Vietnam Vet on the front of the list for a liver transplant. His wife turned to us for help, and we helped. Strings were pulled, people were called, and he was put on that list. We participate in the food banks for the needy in our area. Our Chapter has adopted a section of highway in Culpeper County, and twice each year we clean it up. After all "cleanliness is next to Godliness."
We have our own color guard, and participate in all of the patriotic events around our area. We also provide the color guard for military funerals if asked. Our Chapter wants to make sure that all of the children in our area get the true facts about the Vietnam War. We present those facts in the form of lectures to the school children throughout our area. It is always gratifying to see the look on their faces when you give them the truth. colorguard
Our Chapter Colorguard
Educating kids about 'Nam
We are the only Chapter in the state of Virginia who has its own Veterans Library. It was set up not only for the members of our Chapter, but for all the Veterans in our area, and there is no charge for any vet to use it. The library can help the veteran file a claim with VA. It can also answer questions the vet may have on VA law. We are quite proud of it, and it will continue to grow and improve.
Our Chapter is not without fun things to do also. Each year we have our own Chapter picnic, which is a great time for all of the Chapter family to get together and just have fun. We organize fishing trips; we hold dances, raffles, and dinners. Each year we also go as a group to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. Some of the members who go with us would never go before, but they will go with their brothers. It’s always a very moving experience. campout
Campout at Lake Sherando
Chapter fundraiser at our local Wal-Mart
We are always planning projects to do. Some of the projects are easier than others, but they are all worthwhile. One such project was to work with the town planners on signs which were placed throughout the city limits to alert visitors to the sights of Culpeper.
Several years ago our Chapter started a program to help the homeless vets at the Martinsburg VA Hospital in Martinsburg W.Va. We have adopted the vets there and help them with donations of clothing, toiletries, books, and anything else they may need. We encourage the homeless vets at the hospital to participate in some of our Chapter events. With the help of the administration at the hospital we can make sure that they know they are not forgotten. We feel that by helping our communities we help ourselves as well. Our Chapter is also raising money for the children's' cancer ward at The University of Virginia Hospital. They are always in need of equipment to help take care of the sick children. We donate money and assistance to worthwhile charities and organization throughout our area.
Well, as you can see we don’t just sit around and do lip service, we work. There will always be things that our Chapter can do, and will do for the Vietnam Vets in our area, as well things we can do for our communities. We’re here to make a difference. You can’t make that difference with talk, you make it with action. After all, "actions speak louder than words!!" fundraiser2Merchandise offered at Chapter Fundraiser